Time Maiden PDF

Title Time Maiden
Author Kyle J.E. Miller
Publisher Archway Publishing
Category Young Adult
Released Date 2021-09-26
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 295
Total Downloads 17
Total Views 103
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Lindsey is an orphan who knows nothing of her family. Worse, she’s bullied at school and failing her history class. Yet Lindsey knows a secret, one her city of Baltimore does not want her to know.

The history they are teaching in school is wrong. It’s a fake, whitewashed version, sanitized so America is painted as a more perfect union with liberty and justice for all, from 1776 to now. Suddenly forced out on her own, Lindsey encounters the Resistance. They offer her a chance to fight to preserve history the way it actually happened.

Lindsey accepts. She fights Baltimore and the government, forcing them both to acknowledge America’s past, dark as it may be. However, is it possible for Lindsey to uncover not just Baltimore’s secrets, but also her own personal history as she travels through the past, present, and future?...

Chapter List (45 chapters):


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