Our Bodies, Our Crimes PDF

Title Our Bodies, Our Crimes
Author Jeanne Flavin
Publisher NYU Press
Category Social Science Politics Wellness
Released Date 2008-11-01
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 316
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The Real Issue behind the Abortion DebateAn op-ed by Jeanne Flavin in the San Francisco ChronicleThe intense policing of women?s reproductive capacity places women?s health and human rights in great peril. Poor women are pressured to undergo sterilization. Women addicted to illicit drugs risk arrest for carrying their pregnancies to term. Courts, child welfare, and law enforcement agencies fail to recognize the efforts of battered and incarcerated women to care for their children. Pregnant inmates are subject to inhumane practices such as shackling during labor and poor prenatal care. And decades after Roe, the criminalization of certain procedures and regulation of abortion providers still obstruct women’s access to safe and private abortions.In this important work, Jeanne Flavin looks beyond abortion to document how the law and the criminal justice system police women’s rights to conceive, to be pregnant, and to raise their children. Through vivid and disturbing case studies, Flavin shows how the state seeks to establish what a ?good woman? and ?fit mother? should look like and whose reproduction is valued. With a stirring conclusion that calls for broad-based measures that stren...


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